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At present, about 70,000 persons make Antigua their home. A little more than half of this population were born in Antigua. The rest have adopted it. Some of these are tourists and transient. They came here to enjoy the sunshine, sea, surf and beaches that Antigua is blessed with, and decided to have a home here. Many newcomers have a dream of a property in Antigua. And some turn that dream into a reality... perhaps you are one!

Turning Dreams Into Reality
Whether you are a visitor or Caribbean person resident abroad. If you are dreaming of a "Little bit of Paradise" and wish to know more about property in Antigua, you’ll be glad to know that your dreams are likely affordable and can become reality. Please read on.

Among the many factors that make Antigua attractive is that it has no inheritance taxes. However, the Caribbean lifestyle, friendly people, and attractive settings are the main reasons why many people wish to make it home.

A Variety of Affordable Homes
The first offices of Caribbean Properties Limited, now Remax-Antigua LTd., were located on Fort Road in a charming four-bedroom "Bee Wee" cottage, which is now a veterinary clinic. With verandah, pitched hip roof and fret-work, this house is characteristic of the West-Indian style of architecture. It is this type of house, made of wood or brick that most Antiguans live in. Derived from the original "Chattel House", these homes, when built of wood, may be constructed at one location, and easily transported to another site. Many dreams have come true by renting or owning a simple, tasteful, charming West Indian cottage.

Along these lines, Marshes Village in Falmouth has about 20 - one, two and three bedroom homes which visitors and permanent residents can rent. These are affordable homes in the Caribbean village environment.

The concept of the affordable home is being promoted and supported by the Government. There are several companies competing for this business with new materials and building innovations being offered. Force 10 Homes from Australia have introduced a prefabricated cement panel and galvanized steel technology, while Affordable Homes Limited are using the Canadian Royal Building System. Prefabricated Dominica homes of Brazilian hardwood can also be seen all over the island.

An affordable home on freehold land can be acquired from US$25,000 to US$100,000 depending on location, amenities, interiors, roofing materials, doors, windows, size of building, etc.

Tips from Caribbean Style

Caribbean Style, ISBN0-500-23455-8, first published in 1985, is required reading for anyone acquiring or building property in Antigua. The photographs in this book illustrate the rich variety of design. They also demonstrate the full cycle of design from the Georgian Period Plantation House to the Chattel House and the influence on architecture across the price spectrum.

Caribbean Style states that, "the peaked roof is the most important element of architecture in Caribbean life. Like a large umbrella, it protects the occupants of the house from the sun as well as the rain, and represents a sense of security." In the Caribbean, we spend a lot of time living outdoors so the covered porch or verandah, balconies and landscaped patios and gardens are important considerations to our lifestyle".

The Caribbean Mobile Home Has Sails, Not Wheels!

Mobile homes or caravans are seldom seen in the Caribbean. Instead, in Antigua sail and power vessels are the mobile home of choice. Chris Doyle in his Cruising Guide states: "No country in the Leeward Islands offers the range and number of really good anchorages as those in Antigua and Barbuda. You could cruise for two weeks without stopping in the same anchorage twice."

A few people live aboard their yachts in Antigua, some with children attending local schools. English Harbour, Falmouth, Parham and Jolly Harbour are the best and safest locations for live-aboards.

Prices range from as low as US$5,000 to the multimillion dollar yachts of the rich and famous that make Antigua home. Antigua registered yachts are amongst the finest in the world. For information on purchasing or chartering contact Nicholson Caribbean Yachts Sales (1-268 460-1093) or Yachting Caribbean (1-268 460-7468).

Homes Under US$250,000
Construction costs for homes vary with materials, location and design. Most homes in Antigua are kept cool by pitched roofs, adequate overhangs and good ventilation. Cisterns for storing water are required under the building code and septic tanks are common. Most common construction costs are US$80 to US$180 per square foot. Land costs range from US$2 to US$15 per square foot, depending on such key considerations as location, view, amenities and services available.

For most homes in this price range, land costs are US$75,000 or less, leaving the balance of US$175,000 or more for the home, pool, landscaping and furnishings. Usually these homes are 1,500 to 2,500 square feet (to convert to square meters, divide by ten).

The attached waterfront townhouses of Jolly Harbour start at US$131,000 with some two and three bedroom detached waterfront models offered at US$250,000. Caribbean styled homes at Cedar Valley Springs are offered from US$175,000 to US$250,000 while the Friars Hill Development also has new homes in this price range.

Homes Under US$1 Million
There is a fair selection of these properties available. Three hilltop homes at the St. James’s Club changed hands in 1998 for between US$600,000 to US$895,000. At Jolly Harbour a beachfront house sold for US$700,000.

What can you expect for the additional money? Generally more land, better amenities and services, upgrade of building materials for roofs and floor tiles, better bathrooms and kitchens, larger pools, landscaping, etc. and most important - location, location, location.

Multi-Million Dollar Properties
For the rich and famous – you bet! A fair share of celebrities make Antigua their home. We will leave you to discover who they are since most celebrities prefer to blend in and enjoy their lives in privacy, even when in public at a beach, restaurant or enjoying the views from Shirley Heights at the famous Sunday Green Flash party.

The Jumby Bay Club and Mill Reef are the best known areas for the up-market properties but there are many other homes scattered along the coast and hilltops of Antigua.


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